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Applications of the Feldenkrais Method

Sports people (1)

Sports people (2)


Musicans (1)

Musicians (2)

A trapeze artist

An artist

Martial artists

Self-help and self-development for professionals

Self-help in rehabilitation and prevention

The importance of knowing HOW

Frozen shoulder

A homeopath's view

Rehabilitation after a spinal operation

Top priority - neutralising a negative self-image

Helping children with cerebral palsy

Richard's transformation: Becoming himself

Discovering effective ways of easing asthma

Learning disability

I transformed my life

Bobath and Feldenkrais



In-depth articles:

Interviews with Feldenkrais trainers

Myriam Pfeffer: I can point out, here is a door, but I can't go through it for you

Myriam Pfeffer: Conversation about awareness

Ruthy Alon: Coming to Feldenkrais - a fantastic stroke of luck

Cheva Shelav: Feldenkrais for post-Communists

Carl Ginsburg: A very human process

Russell Delman: Curiosity, Courage, Presence

Interview with Larry Goldfarb

Towards a culture of mutual learning

Returning people to themselves - Mia Segal

An emergent science of learning

Truth is the invention of a liar

Fear of Falling

Feldenkrais and David Bohm's Dialogue Model

Inner Communication (Gurdjieff's ideas in feldenkrais

Embodied Experience (Neuro-biologist Francisco Varela)

Ask HIM if he can be helped!

Feldenkrais for children with neurological impairments

The pursuit of poise - Feldenkrais and Alexander

I Am Free! A Palestinian child discovers unsuspected capacities

Learning to learn - Teaching learning I: So many questions

Learning to learn - Teaching learning II: Getting in touch with oneself

Walking Upright - On Moshe Feldenkrais

What my body has been waiting for - Penny Brohn

Mind and Body - Two lectures by Moshe Feldenkrais

What Is 'The Elusive Obvious'? (Part 1) Thinking differently about what we know

What Is 'The Elusive Obvious'? (Part 2) Laying down a path in walking

What Is 'The Elusive Obvious'? (Part 3) Magic or a Radically New Kind of Objectivity?

What Is 'The Elusive Obvious'? (Part 4) Feldenkrais and Gurdjieff...

The Power of Imagination - How William Overcame His Fear of Falling.

Ana´s and her Scoliosis